Important Announcement Regarding 2017 Ohio Awareness Awards

As we know…nothing can stay the same. Change and growth are constant.

Important Announcement from Ohio Public Images (OPI)

Dear Public Relations Professional

OPI is in transition … so we can best support your mission.

In order to strengthen and focus efforts Ohio Public Images will not be hosting a DD Awareness awards competition or special event in 2017.

As 2017 marks fifty years since the creation of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities, the Board of Ohio Public Images feels this is the perfect opportunity to pause, reflect and examine our strategic position in supporting the future of individuals with developmental disabilities.

The past three years have seen unprecedented changes within our system of service and supports for individuals with disabilities that are challenging us to find different ways to approach the challenge of raising awareness and educating the community.

It has been our pleasure to serve the DD community since 1983. As our system looks to the future, the OPI board will also be taking this time to carefully consider how best to continue to serve our mission of ‘promoting awareness and acceptance of individuals with disabilities.’

During the past several years, County Board Public Information Officers (PIOs), and others who serve in related functions, have spent some time during December and January preparing entries for OPI’s annual contest. This contest has provided the opportunity for much deserved recognition and celebration of the efforts to further positive awareness and acceptance of people with developmental disabilities. In 2017, we encourage PIOs and related staff to continue to focus their efforts on building connections and sharing the positive personal stories of individuals with disabilities achieving success in their communities. We welcome ongoing use of the very popular 2016 “What’s Your Story” theme and to take advantage of the unique theme, the state-wide marketing efforts and the tremendous amount of free resources that will be available as part of the OACB’s 50th Anniversary of County Boards of DD campaign.

We join you in cherishing our past and looking ahead to the future, and we thank each and every one of you for your work. Through your efforts, and those of your service partners, thousands of Ohioans participate in their communities each day!

Thank you for your support of OPI in the past, and we look forward to new opportunities to promote positive perceptions of people with developmental disabilities in the future.

Look for more information about Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (March) and year-long 50th Anniversary activities in early 2017, at: and