About Us

The Public Images Network and its parent organization, Ohio Public Images (OPI), Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that was established in 1983 to educate the public and increase positive awareness and acceptance of people with developmental disabilities within the State of Ohio and on a nationwide basis.
OPI strives to act as a resource for those entities and professionals in the developmental disabilities field working to create rich community lives for individuals with disabilities. We strongly believe the first step in inclusion is positive awareness.
This goal has been accomplished in many ways throughout the years including through developing and consulting on special projects and creating informational materials to promote acceptance and understanding of people with disabilities. Annual participation in disability awareness month activities and public relations skill-building conferences are also key components of this effort.
Our strength lies in our Board of Trustees that are passionate, skilled professionals, self-advocates and community members committed to positively influencing and shaping the awareness messaging around people with developmental disabilities.

2015 Board of Trustees

Andrea McKay
Knox DD
herman-smallVICE PRESIDENT
Adam Herman
Patrick McFaddenTREASURER
Patrick McFadden
Ross DD
Pamela McCort
BHN Alliance
Corey ManganMEMBER
Temple Custer-Gagni
Fairfield DD
Corey ManganMEMBER
Corey Mangan
Preble DD
Sherry SteinmanMEMBER
Sherry Stienman
Ohio Dept of DD (retired)
Lisa ParramoreMEMBER
Lisa Parramore
Stark DD
Jane ImbodyMEMBER
Jane Imbody
Richland DD
Corey Mangan

Mollie Tyrrell
Wood DD