Free Tools for your use

2015 Logo. Through this link you may download the logo artwork for the “Can Do Like You” campaign. The art can be used in your publications and on promotional items to complement the nationwide campaign sponsored by the Public Images Network. If you want the logo is an eps format, please contact our offices.

DD Awareness Month Proclamation

What’s Your Story Public Service Announcements

What’s Your Story News Release

Bill of Rights. This poster is adapted from the Ohio Revised Code using easier-to-understand language.

People First Language. This is a handy guide that can help journalists, writers and public speakers choose language which reflects the dignity of people with disabilities.

50 Communication Ideas that Work. Browse this list of 50 ideas that can bolster your public awareness and public relations efforts.

Best Practices in Public Relations as prepared for Ohio Association of County Boards of  DD Winter Conference 2007.

Facilitating a Levy Campaign. Here is the presentation delivered for Public Images at a recent conference by Funk-Luetke-Skunda Marketing. Right click to advance slides.

Sample Marketing Plan. Use this sample plan when developing your own special events.