Sample Press Release

News Release Sample for DD Awareness Month

For Immediate Release: (date you distribute news release)
Contact: (spokesperson’s name, title, phone number, and email)

“What’s Your Story?” is the theme for Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2016.

(City/State) – (your organization) and other related organizations celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in March (‘this month’), and invite you to consider the true meaning of this year’s theme, “What’s Your Story?”

Statewide, and across the nation, organizations devoted to serving individuals with developmental disabilities are planning special events in March to raise public awareness of the many abilities people have, regardless of disability. “What’s Your Story” encourages people to get to know someone with a disability to better understand that we are all connected and alike in many ways.

“This is a time when our organization focuses on encouraging the public to better understand the individuals we serve,” said (your spokesperson’s full name/title).

“During Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we encourage people to learn more about the (number of people you serve) people in this community who have a developmental disability and to recognize that all of us have talents and strengths that we can offer to make this a better place to live,” added (spokesperson’s last name).

(Your organization’s name) will kick off its recognition of March as DD Awareness Month with (your event). (Your event) will be (date) at (place).  (Describe event.)

Other activities planned for March include: (some suggestions are… library displays, weekly features on individuals in local newspapers, and presentations to schools and community groups).   During March, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, get acquainted with someone who has a developmental disability.  You’ll learn that everyone has a story, and each story holds a promise to educate and inspire others.

The last paragraph should be a standard ‘boilerplate’ description of your organization. You may wish to include your slogan, tagline or mission statement in your description.

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