Sample PSAs

Option 1

“They are friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, volunteers and teammates.  They are people with developmental disabilities, and they are just like you.  During March, (insert your agency name) encourages everyone to ask ‘What’s Your Story?’ and you’ll find out how we are all connected.”

Option 2

“People with developmental disabilities are your friends, neighbors, co-workers, volunteers, teammates, or classmates.  During Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, take time to get to know someone with a disability and find out their story! You’ll see that everyone has something to offer.  This message is brought to you by (insert your agency name).”

Option 3

“Easy-going. Compassionate. Strong-willed.  Adventurous. Helpful.  Sensitive. One or more of these words may describe you.  They also describe people with developmental disabilities.  March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and (insert your agency’s name) encourages everyone to get to know someone with a disability and ask “What’s Your Story?”  Remember – each one of us has a story and each story has the potential to educate and inspire others.  You just might learn how much we are all connected.”

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