Sample public service announcements

30 second spots

  1. They’re artists. They run their own business. They vote.  They go to school.  They volunteer in the community.  They’re people with disabilities who want a chance to show they have ABILITIES, too.  During Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, get to know someone with a disability and you’ll see just what they Can Do, Like You!   This message is brought to you by (insert your agency’s name).

  2. People with developmental disabilities can be friends, neighbors, co-workers, volunteers, teammates, or classmates.  During Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, (insert your agency name) encourages everyone to get to know someone with a disability and discover just what he or she Can Do, Like You!  Recognize abilities and see that everyone has something to offer.

60 second spot

Each year, during March – Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month –  (insert your agency’s name)  focuses on peoples’ abilities and similarities rather than differences, and encourages everyone to welcome people with developmental disabilities into their communities. Many new opportunities are emerging in this spirit throughout the state, including community-based employment options and residential opportunities that more fully integrate people with disabilities. The 2015 theme for Developmental Disabilitites Awareness Month reflects this spirit — “Can Do, Like You!”

(insert your agency’s name) will be sponsoring Name Events/other Efforts in celebration and recognition of the many individuals throughout the community who receive services that help them make the most of their abilities, as well as to raise public awareness about their challenges and barriers to success. These may include physical or regulatory challenges and barriers, as well as peoples’ attitudinal issues or uninformed perceptions.

For more information call us at (insert phone number) or find us on the web at (insert URL).