Creating a comfortable bedroom requires less effort than you can imagine. The goal, in fact, is no longer to dress the bed reaching perfection but to obtain a “casual” elegance, as in the current Nordic furnishing trends and more. elements to have an effective look, but without any particular effort.

Here are some general tips on how to give your bed a cooler look, or as they say now, “instagrammable”, making sure that practicality always goes with the style.

1. Duvets instead of blankets and quilts

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to redo the bed in the morning, a duvet with a duvet cover is the one for you.

Like the duvets of Dreamin’101, at the base of which there is a historical Italian reality in the processing of feathers and duvets, the Minardi Piume. Thanks to the centennial experience in the upholstery sector, it has created its own line of duvets, sold directly online on its website. In this way, you can reduce costs and have more competitive prices for high-end products. Each duvet, in fact, has the seam with a fixed panel, meaning that each quilt is sewn and sealed entirely by hand. Moreover, the particular care and technology used allow having much lighter and more comfortable duvets than those commonly sold on the market.

But let’s talk about practicality. Instead of having to arrange the sheets first, then the blankets and finally the bedspread (or the quilt), taking care to avoid the creases, the duvet inserted in his bag, just a gesture. Pull up to the cushions and the bed will be fixed in a few moments. The total absence of sheets and the lightness of the duvet ensure that you can make the bed without wasting precious minutes of your time.

A duvet cover can be easily removed and washed like normal sheets. Not to mention the fact that the real feather duvet is suitable for those suffering from dust mite allergies. The thick weave of the cotton and the padding in down make a barrier, which does not allow the entry of the mites while maintaining the breathability.

Each of us should be able to arrange our room every day in a practical way. A good duvet is the only luxury you have to give yourself in the bedroom.

2. Pillows

The pillows are always an essential element for a comfortable bed. The most common question regarding the styling of a bed is whether the standard cushions should be placed over the duvet or hidden underneath. There is no doubt that placing cushions outside the duvet, a little inclined and resting on the headboard of the bed, is the best solution. It doesn’t even require too much effort or loss of time in the morning.

If we love reading or watching TV in bed, another pair of pillows make the bed even more harmonious, as well as practical. Finally, adding 1 or 2 smaller pillows can help to give a decorative and character note.

And when all those pillows are no longer needed at night? Prepare a nice large basket, where you can put away the extra cushions.

3. Plaid

Plaids and light blankets, with their beautiful textures, are a great tool to dress your bed in a sophisticated and trendy way. Not surprisingly, they are also comfortable, if you want to take a nap during the weekend.

Don’t worry, in line with the new current trends, you won’t have to fold the blanket carefully along the bottom of the bed! Learn from the Scandinavian interiors, where light and plaid blankets are placed more informally and seemingly randomly on the bottom of the bed, with a simple and quick gesture.

4. The right color combinations

Do you think your room is not cozy enough? Perhaps you have not thought about choosing a coherent and well-defined color scheme. Furnishing the bedroom by focusing on the fabrics of sheets, duvet covers and other small furnishing accessories inevitably means deciding which color combination to adopt.

Don’t forget that choosing the right colors in the bedroom is more important than in any other room in the house. With bright and overly stimulating colors like red and orange, you run the risk of restless nights. While light and pastel colors can help you relax at the end of a busy day. When the whole is harmonious, relaxation will also benefit.

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