We often arrive on December 24th with hectic runs and reduced budgets, which means that the probability of buying or assembling an elaborate centerpiece for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch is practically nil.

Fortunately, since the rest of the house is already decorated, there is no need to overdo the table decorations. In fact, the moment is really dedicated to food and family, so the simplest decorations are the best.

The centerpiece can be made with a little ‘easy DIY and with simple materials, to be recovered even at home or in the garden. Who said that the Christmas centerpiece should necessarily be expensive to be beautiful?

What to use in the compositions of your Christmas centerpiece

  • Remember to look in your garden, yard or in the park near your home. When you leave the house to bring a pair of gardening shears and you can recover some twig, leaf, berry, useful for your composition. In the middle of winter, it is easy to transform some twigs of hedges and bushes into perfect festive bouquets. Pine, laurel, boxwood, holly and pine cones are a great way to get a cheap bouquet (be sure to wear gloves to cut the holly).
  • Other useful items for centerpiece compositions are small and medium balls or other Christmas tree decorations. Even bells, twine or ribbons can help.
  • Dried fruits, such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts or some spices like cinnamon sticks or star anise, are also useful for filling a bowl or tray.
  • Candles or candles help to give atmosphere to the environment. Alternatively, you can use LED lights.
  • Another low-budget idea is fake gift packages, recovering some boxes or packaging, to be wrapped and wrapped in a bow: no more than simple wrapping paper and string.
  • Don’t forget that even some fresh fruit such as pomegranate or red apples can immediately create something interesting for a winter centerpiece, so take a look at the fruit and vegetable department of your supermarket.

If you have succeeded in recovering the material, all that remains is to find suitable containers for your Christmas compositions.

Here are 5 low-cost, last-minute ideas that require minimal effort and are a great alternative to expensive flower arrangements.

1. Fishing between your glasses

The glasses are excellent centerpieces especially if there is little space at the table. Try putting single twigs or berries in a cylindrical glass or flute for a sober elegance. You can also mix types and heights.

Another idea with glasses? Turn the goblets upside down, to use as glass bells, inside which you can put your small compositions made of holly twigs or mini Christmas tree balls. Then you can place the candles on the overturned bases of the glasses. Here are your low budget and tres chic centerpiece!

2. Fill a bowl or tureen

The bowls, the tureens but also the bread baskets can become a centerpiece with little effort. You can put inside the newspaper to raise the composition, on the last layer you put tissue paper or white printer paper, to hide the newsprint. Put paper balls and tree decorations on the paper or use LED lights and some pine cones, but also red apples and pine twigs. In short, there is nothing to do here.

3. Glass jars

There is nothing more versatile than cans of glass jars. Keep it aside somebody always comes in handy, especially for Christmas decorations.

Fill a glass jar with a little salt (which mimics the snow) where you will place the candles or red fruits and leaves. Find the tutorial on Yellow Bliss Road.

4. A cake stand for fruit or cakes

If you have an upstand at home, simply place candles of different heights surrounded by pine twigs, holly leaves or other plants.

5. Tin can

This charming centerpiece is made with a simple tin can of recycled tin and some freshly cut branches. A beautiful decoration for the table at no cost, just put aside a nice large can of tomato sauce and recover a few sprigs of pine and pine cone. To dress the jar, all you need is a jute ribbon or other leftover fabric, but even a nice napkin tied with string will be fine. If you want you can give a touch of fake snow to the pine cones, with a little white acrylic. Find the tutorial.

In short, no matter how you decide to decorate your Feast table, just remember to make a low centerpiece, so that everyone at the table can see each other, chat and exchange smiles. After all, that’s what you do at Christmas with your family!

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