Exploiting natural light in Nordic interiors is a priority, so often even interior design is concerned with designing spaces that can benefit as much as possible from the precious rays of the sun.

Today’s home tour apartment is only 64 square meters and is located in Stockholm, in an old city building. It belonged to an artist, was later sold and it is from the real estate pages that we had saved these beautiful images.

Natural light penetrates thanks to the large windows and the glass wall, which separates the atelier from the bedroom. It is a partition composed of glass and an industrial black metal frame, which helps to visually communicate the environments.

We are very fond of this kind of solutions, more and more fashionable because they enrich an environment giving personality, in addition to letting the light flow. The glass walls are increasingly used, not only in the entrances, in the transit areas, in the walk-in closets, but also to divide main rooms, such as a study from the living room, a bathroom from the bedroom, a kitchen from the living area, etc.

So, if you have a space that you think you have divided into two, consider this type of design solution, to be carried out by a blacksmith or a carpenter (of course, the divided rooms must respect the urban lighting and aeration parameters).

The combination of colors and textures of the Swedish apartment is in complete harmony: white walls and touches of gray, exposed bricks, light-colored wood on the floor, wood in furniture, leather and leather for a sofa and vintage armchair…

The exposed brick wall behind the kitchen, the old Swedish stove in the bedroom, the choice of vintage furnishings and metal shelves, accentuate the taste of an old loft, to which the apartment aspires. The tricolor Smeg refrigerator also winks at Italy.

All the decorative elements were chosen to form an image of a fascinating loft with a bohemian spirit. Above the storeroom, a mezzanine has also been created for a second guest bed. Another interesting detail, which makes this small apartment a pleasant and versatile place.

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