We had grown accustomed to bright white kitchens, combined with light wood, like milk and breakfast biscuits, but now the black kitchen has become one of this year’s trends.

In modern furnishings, the contemporary ink-colored kitchen remains at the top of decor choices seen on Instagram. The coolest trend involves a total black look, which also includes wall covering. The major design brands are betting that black will become as common in our home as in our wardrobes.

Of course, at the moment we don’t know if the appearance of the contemporary black kitchen block, which is so popular now, can be a lasting trend. I wonder if in ten years we will enter such a kitchen and we will know exactly from what decade it comes.

However, the love for black in the kitchen is not born today but has a long tradition.

Scandinavian style

As the Scandinavians teach us, black adds dimension and depth to any room painted in white and is fantastic combined with wood tones. In clean and simple interior design, like the Nordic-Scandinavian one, a black kitchen can stand out in the middle of the whiteness. It is often combined with square white tiles with staggered installation and dark joints (brick effect – see photo below). There can never be missing collections of chopping boards and aromatic plants.

Classic style

If it’s a bit of romanticism that you want to achieve, in the classic or country style the black or even black & white kitchen is very elegant. It often has precious white marble tops, showcase wall cabinets and golden or antiqued taps and fittings. Even in a completely white kitchen, a free-standing black cooking unit recalls the design of times gone by. For a truly chic effect, the wall covering is made of white diamond tiles.

Industrial style

With the long-lasting fashion of the industrial style, where the glass walls with black iron frame (ex-factory style) are the most popular, the black kitchen finds an ideal environment between brick walls or underground-style tiles laid along the entire wall. The black furniture can also be combined with tops, shelves or doors in warm wood with a lived-in look.

Boho chic style

In an eclectic style, like the boho chic style, the kitchen can have black and other colored parts, or beautiful majolica or wall cement tiles. To complete the look, an oriental rug, mismatched chairs, and exposed shelves display a heterogeneous collection of plates and glasses.

In short, if you are looking for a chic renovation in the kitchen with a neutral shade, consider black. From the bases to the tiles, from the painting of the walls to the total black, up to some elements (such as the hood, the cooking block, the lamps …), there are different ways you can work with the ink in your kitchen space.

We have selected a series of black kitchens, a collection of wonderful spaces for cooking, entertaining and eating, among the most intriguing seen on the web. These environments have what white kitchens cannot have: a mysterious and seductive charm, which is both refined and unique.

Whatever your favorite decorating style, take a look at these fantastic interiors to see if you should focus on black for your new kitchen.

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