If you plan to add some color to your rooms this season, consider dark green, so elegant and chic!

One of the trends of the past years, which still continues to last, concerns one color: dark green. On Instagram we have seen many images scroll in which this particular shade of green, elegant, intense and velvety, has taken place in the walls of the whole world, making it the perfect nuance for every home. In short, he convinced us perfectly!

It is a tone of green that has long been neglected for the interiors, this is probably also the reason why now it suddenly appears so new and elegant. The green, in any case, in all its shades, comes from the vitality of nature and, precisely because it has its roots in nature, is also extremely versatile.

Marian (who has a nice Instagram account) shows us her home in the Netherlands. It soon becomes clear that she is a big fan of greenery and plants, many of her furniture is green!

His house is in a constant phase of change because we see that he loves experimenting with color and we like it. It also leads us to find numerous examples of how to use green color in our homes. One of the versions we loved most is the one in which he painted portions of walls in his living room in dark green. Everything works perfectly, without being monotonous.

This dark green color finds its lifeblood when combined with furniture in natural materials, metal furniture, vintage or industrial style, coupled with black and white, but also in shades of powder pink or ocher yellow… There is no limit to your creativity, you can have fun with different combinations of textures and materials, even in fabrics and accessories.

Even if you don’t like a total green look, these images have many interesting details from which to take some advice:

  • paint a portion of the wall, like a boiserie that runs around the room
  • match the dark green color with natural wood and / or painted white
  • paint a colored rectangle on a wall, with a shelf to place the prints of the moment
  • get your green thumb!

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