The furnishing of coastal houses reflects all this and manages to naturally incorporate the elements of the sea.

One of the things that we truly admire the Scandinavians and the inhabitants of the countries of the North, is their ability to bring nature into the living spaces in a simple way and without excesses. The Danish dream house, of interior stylist and graphic designer Pernille Grønkjær Taatø, is a fine example of this.

Located in a historic village on the Danish coast, the house perfectly encloses the subtle whitish nuance of the sand and the gray-blue clear of the North Sea.

Living in a seaside town, we feel so incredibly inspired by the Danish house! But even if you don’t live by the sea, there are so many ideas to copy from this wonderful home!

The main colors in this coastal house are white, the sand color of light wood and a pale gray-blue. This palette helps create a more relaxed atmosphere in a contemporary setting.

If you want to copy the style, know that the key to decor like this is simplicity. Don’t add too much furniture and accessories. Adopt a “minimalist” attitude and be very selective about what you add to your decor.

Some pieces of the great Danish designers give class and timeless elegance. Wegner is particularly known for its clean style, which combines comfort and design. His Wishbone Chair (also called Y chair) adapts to any environment, even if we are close to the beach.

In these interiors, there are however some Italian design lamps, which have now become true international icons, such as the Tolomeo by Artemide and Parentesi (1970, Achille Castiglioni, Pio Manzù) by Flos.

When focusing on a combination of light and “bleached” colors, the textures become incredibly important. As in the dining table, carved from a beautiful piece of aged wood, which with its slits recalls the wood “worked” by the sea.

A Nordic-Scandinavian house always blends minimalism with a feeling of pleasant comfort, thanks to the importance of details, which are not lacking here too. Discover them by scrolling through the photos below.

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