Are you trying to give the house a new face? The PVC panels allow you to carry out work at home without particular difficulties and allow you to renovate the rooms quickly and above all durably. If you’ve never heard of it, let’s see what it is. Experts from tools&goods explain the features and advantages of this material and list some ideas for using PVC panels in your home or office.

Specially designed for decorating and redeveloping old or ruined walls, PVC panels now enjoy extraordinary success, both among interior decorators and DIY enthusiasts.

In fact, using panels in faux stone, in fake brick or in faux wood by Signorbit, means making a choice of great impact, economic, ecological, durable, but above all intelligent: although PVC panels are light and have a thickness of only 0.4 mm, they are shock-resistant and waterproof.

At the same time, they ensure a real aesthetic effect on the wall of the selected material (a choice between stone, brick, and wood) and a 3D effect of great visual impact.

But if the PVC panels are excellent for decorating practically any type of environment (from houses in the city to offices, to public and commercial premises, to holiday homes in seaside resorts and to spas), they are also particularly suitable for “masking” quickly, effectively and permanently, problems related to mold and moisture in the walls, but also defects and irregularities in the walls, as well as marks and stains left by children.

They are in fact flexible panels, applicable to all types of surfaces (painted or rough) and able to perfectly hide the irregularities of the wall on which they are placed.

Even used for sets and stands, Signorbit PVC panels will save you money, as their assembly does not require any specialized labor: laying is so easy and fast that it can be done by virtually anyone.

It will be enough to use a cutter or a pair of scissors to cut the panel in the desired dimensions and some assembly glue (millechiodi, polymax, saratoga) that will be applied, partly on the surface of the wall to be covered, partly on the panel itself. And that’s it! Following a few simple steps, you will be able to create a wall very similar to a wall in real stone or with fake reconstructed stone. With the additional advantage that the panels will not require any kind of grouting.

But that’s not all: PVC panels, which do not produce bacteria thanks to the material with which they are made, do not require particular care after their application, or any type of maintenance. As for cleaning, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust and the washable panels will come back like new!

Finally, this type of panels is also very simple to remove, which allows them to be used, for example, even in rented houses. Therefore, there is practically no internal environment in which Signorbit’s PVC coatings cannot be applied. A modern, economical, simple and useful choice to cover imperfections or stains on the walls.

And speaking of mold … before mounting the Signorbit PVC panels on the walls affected by these spores, it is advisable to make a simple homemade antibacterial treatment. It is enough simply to wear a protective mask as a precaution, vigorously wipe a damp cloth to remove the most superficial part of the bacterial colony, then spray a mix of water and 50% bleach, nebulizing it evenly on the wall. After 24/48 hours the wall will be dry and disinfected, then wipe again with a clean cloth and proceed with the assembly of the panels. The wall will return to have a totally renewed appearance and Signorbit PVC panels will act as a sealant.

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