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If you own Bose Bluetooth speakers or headphones, you’ve probably heard of the companion app, Bose Connect. Although I had been using Bose products for a long time, I did not jump at the opportunity to get the app because I did not think it was really necessary. However, I have to admit that getting this iOS and Android app was among the best decisions I have ever made. If you are like me and you don’t understand why this app is useful, I will give you all the reasons to get the app in this review.

Convenient Access to all Your Products’ Key Features

This amazing app removes the hassle of managing all your products separately by making it possible for you to access different features of your products from the app. You can access things like volume control, auto-timer off and battery readings among others. I love this feature because I do not have to keep on getting up from my seat to control volume or adjust anything else. As long as I have this iOS and Google Android app, I can comfortably adjust settings without moving.

The app has a user-friendly interface that is not only easy to navigate but also very well-organized. I like the design as well, it has different functions and tools within a drop-down menu for easy access, and the homepage is basic with just a few tools for instant use.

Take Advantage of Fantastic Capabilities

One of the reasons you should consider getting this tool (available on iPhone, a wide range of iPads, iPod touch, and Android) is to take advantage of its amazing features. My favorite feature is ‘Music Share’ which makes it possible for you to share your music listening experience with another Bose wireless headphone user. In addition to this, the app features ‘Party Mode’ which allows you to sync two speakers to get double the audio. This is a great feature for parties and events. You can also enjoy the Stereo experience by simply switching to ‘Stereo Mode.’ With this leading Bose app, you can also monitor your heart rate and cancel noise for an amazing music listening experience.

Revolutionize Your Bose Experience for Free

When my friends told me about this app, I thought I would have to spend some money to get it because it sounded too good to be free of charge. I was shocked to realize that this app was free and it does not include any in-app purchases. Furthermore, you will not have to deal with a lot of ads because it has very few which do not interfere with your performance. I also like the fact that the app has an amazing performance. It doesn’t freeze or crash and it always executes functions without delay. This might have something to do with the fact that the developers are constantly updating it with improvements.

Get Yours Now!

I am a huge fan of Bose products, and the App Store and Google play app for Bose. It works very well, and it makes connecting all my Bose products extremely easy. If you own Bose products and you haven’t tried this app, it is time you did. You will surely enjoy it. Get the latest version on your application store.

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