Find My Phone Review

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Find My Phone
OS:My Reviews 4.4 and up
10000000+ downloads


  • It is free
  • Very easy to use
  • 100% effective for finding lost devices.


  • It cannot be used to find a device that doesn’t have the app already installed on it.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 9

Security 6

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I don’t know what I would do if I lost my phone. I have very important documents, favorite music and pictures stored on my phone and I always forget to back up my files to the cloud. This means I would lose all my files if my phone got lost. For this reason, I keep track of my phone using phone tracking apps. One app I have used is Find My Phone. Find out what I think about it in this review.


I would describe this Google Play app for this tool as effortless. The interface features a detailed map that offers clear directions, and the different elements of the interface are well labeled for clarity and easy understanding. The design is ideally suited for the app, with excellent organization of UI elements for hassle-free user experience. 10/10.


Find My Phone is a Google Android only app with several amazing features. First and foremost, this app features a state-of-the-art GPS tracker that enables you to locate a lost, stolen or missing Android phone. In addition to this, it features a detailed map that pinpoints the exact location of your phone to make it possible for you to locate it. Last but not least, the app features location history which gives you details about where your phone has been throughout the day. 9/10.


The Find My Phone Android app has poor performance. There are instances where the location updates are really slow, and in some cases, the app doesn’t show you the location of your phone. In addition to this, the positions vary in most cases and sometimes even jump, making it quite tricky to find your phone. Even worse, there haven’t been any updates to fix this issue in the latest version of the app. 6/10.


Find My Phone is a free-to-download app only for Android. It does not contain any in-app purchases and is ad-enabled. However, the ads are bearable.

The Verdict

I am not a fan of Find My Phone. In my opinion, it is not among the leading phone finding apps, mainly because it is not consistent in performance. If you happen to lose your phone and the locations keep jumping, it might be tough for you to locate your phone. Apart from this, I also don’t like the fact that you can only find your phone if the app was pre-installed on the lost phone. I think it would be more useful if the app could help you locate any phone regardless of whether or not the app was installed before the phone got lost. For these reasons, I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone. I believe there are better apps out there that you can use and actually find your phone. Unfortunately, Find My Phone is not one of them. However, if you still want to try the app, you can get it on Google Play Store.

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