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  • You can increase the timers and alarms volume gradually
  • You have the option of choosing a ringtone for your timer
  • It is easy to manage the alarm and the timer.     


  • You cannot group the alarms
  • The tones of the alarm do not function in the Android system
  • You cannot separate the snooze feature for each alarm that you have set.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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The Clock is the latest Android app from Google. You can use this app to set alarms, track your time or use your stopwatch. You need an Android mobile to download it for free. Google designed this app for all Android devices.             


The application has a bold font that makes it easier for you to identify all the features that are integrated into the software. It also has a deep background that contains the icons for all its features. At the front of the clock, there is a timer and the stopwatch. These features are arranged in a row. Moreover, the designers have labeled other features contained in the clock by using bold letters. The rating of this android apk design is 9/10.                 


The rating for the functionality of this app is 10/10 because of the great features you can take advantage of while using it. For instance, you can gradually increase the volume of the alarm while using the clock. The clock’s timer also relies on volume to function effectively. The application allows you to increase the volume steadily. These two features are useful when you set a particular time you want to wake up or do a certain thing. These are wonderful features that make it enjoyable for you to use it.                           

You are also able to customize the ringtones in this clock. Customization of the tone will lead you to setting your favorite tone as default ringtone. It is easy for you to control and manage the timer and to set up the alarm notification system. Therefore, this is one of the most efficient and reliable apps you can use as a clock.                                     


The user interface of the Clock is bold and clean. This makes it easier for you to find the various elements of the clock and use them. For instance, you can easily find the stopwatch, the alarm and the time functions of the clock. The clock has icons that are used to identify the features you want to use. Moreover, these icons are labeled, making it easier for you to know what they symbolize. I will give it a rating of 10/10 for the ease of usage.                 

The Verdict

You can download free clocks from Google play. This application is the latest one from Google Android and enables you to use your own ringtones. This tool has a number of features, and one of them is the stopwatch. Use the stopwatch to time yourself when engaging in activities such as sports. However, the thing that makes this clock update so great is how easy you can use it. You do not require specialized skills to use the application. Moreover, the benefits you will derive by using the application outweigh its disadvantages. My final point: I recommend this Google play app for Android.        

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