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Pandora: Music & Podcasts
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I don’t know what I would do without music. I listen to music when driving to work, working out and even when relaxing at home. My favorite thing to do is creating music playlists and organizing my music in genres and artists. The Web-based version of Pandora has been my companion for quite some time to create music channels and access to incredible libraries. For this reason, there was no convincing required to get me the Pandora app. If you love music, the Pandora iOS and Google Android app is what you need. Learn more about this app here.

Create Your Own Radio Stations

With a large number of songs out there, it is not always easy to select which songs you want to listen to. This is where Pandora comes in. With this app, you can create customized radio stations based on specific singles, music albums, artists or even genres of songs you enjoy.

This App Store and Google Play app for music sports a straightforward interface and clean design with minimal tools that are well-labeled. There are also plenty of social features and a user profile that enable you to see your listening history. One important update the developers made was adding an alarm clock feature which made it possible to wake up to the sounds of your Pandora music instead of the in-build smartphone sounds.

Hassle-free Listening

Pandora is available as an iOS (runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and even Apple TV) and Android app, and creating stations there is as easy as pie. The first thing you need to do is create a station and add your favorite song, artist or genre of music. Once this is done, Pandora will search similar music to help you create a complete radio station. Pandora allows you to rate tracks or skip them as you desire while listening. The ratings are very important because they give Pandora an idea of the kind of music you like. In my opinion, this is the best feature of the app. It is also possible to share your music on Facebook, Twitter and via email.

Tons of Advertisements

One thing I dislike about this app is the adverts. There are so many ads that pop up on your screen when you are using the application. If they don’t pop up on your screen, they show up at the bottom as leaderboard ads. If you are the kind of person that fires up your music and leaves your phone undisturbed, this might not bother you. However, if you use your phone while listening, the pop-ups can be quite annoying. The only people who do not experience this problem are the Pandora One subscribers. If you are using the free version and you’d like to get rid of the ads, the only way to do it is to subscribe to Pandora One by paying $4 a month.

The Verdict

Pandora is without a doubt one of the leading music apps on the market today. It has a great interface, useful features and works very well. The only issue I have with the app is the abundance of ads. This is something the developers should look into. Nonetheless, I would recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable and excellent music app for creating customized radio stations. The latest version is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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