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WhatsApp Inc.
WhatsApp Messenger
OS:Utilities Minimum Os Version 9.0.iPhone4S-iPhone4S
1000000+ downloads


  • Provides faster access to categorized articles
  • This app is readily available as and when a person needs it
  • It is one of the leading apps in motivational support.


  • Updating this app to the latest version interferes with the interface
  • Can consume a lot of data
  • Most of the information provided can be found on other internet sources.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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Life has never been and will certainly never be perfect. Being human, it is normal to experience moments of anxiety, boredom, insecurity, loneliness, and sadness. Getting through such challenges can be an uphill task, which is why you need What’s Up app for all Android devices.


This Google Play app for Android mobile is designed to help you cope with life difficulties. Upon opening this app, the user can just search for any topic of their interest. This Android app has a very usable interface. A user can customize it by filtering the kind of information they need. A color scheme with high contrast has been utilized to enhance the readability of words. The app allows to zoom in and out of images. Additionally, it allows for the content to be moved to external memory. 9/10.


What’s up can be used by any person who feels like they need more motivation to achieve life goals or when a person is feeling weak.  Look at the benefits of having this app which is free to download.

  • A user accesses a wide variety of information. The best thing about this app is that it contains information about very many topics. As such, whenever a person searches for a topic using a particular keyword, several topics will pop up. A user can decide to choose one or read many.

  • The topics are well organized and easy to comprehend the information discussed. The division in categories makes the search very easy.

  • Assimilation of ideas into real-life scenarios is very easy. The inspirational ideas provided by the writer are facts and not speculations. When implemented, they can cause great positive transformation in a person’s life. 9/10.


The convenience that comes with this app is incredible. What’s Up performs reliably on Google Android. Once installed, it can be relied on for very many tips on how to live a spiritually and emotionally healthy life. All a user needs to do is type the kind of information they need, and they are directed to articles with similar content. Most importantly, it has a very usable interface. Navigation through the app is very straightforward which makes it a preference for many people. 9/10.

The Verdict

Even though What’s Up can exhaust your data quickly and is troublesome when updated, it is wise to have the app installed on your phone. This is a tool that can act as your support system as you go through the inevitable challenges in life. By searching through the topics, you will realize that it has covered almost every difficulty in life and how to go through it. The organization of ideas is excellent. Make a habit of going through it every day, and you will notice a positive difference in how you view life.

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