HotSchedules Review

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  • one of the classic tools for management efficiency
  • regards the interests of both sides of the team
  • in-built messenger for maximum convenience.


  • was originally built for restaurant businesses and may not be as handy for other activities
  • your employees may not be happy with their part of expenses.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 10

Compatibility 10

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HotSchedules is the employee scheduling app providing you with an efficient and simple management tool. You can communicate with your team in a fast manner and manage the schedule making everybody be aware of the amendments without efforts.

Design and Usability 9/10

The design is well-done though the user interface requires some getting used to. On the screen, you will see the calendar grid with a list of employees. It is easy to manage. You should make a shift double-clicking on a day you are interested in and the Add Shift window pops up. You should enter the needed information and save it by clicking the corresponding button, and the data will be added to the grid.

Initially, the app has been developed for the restaurant business, thus, a lot of its options are tailored to its peculiarities. There are several modules for inventory management and back-office operations. Regardless of this fact, the software is useful for all industries. It will be irreplaceable for sports, hospitality management, and more meeting their particular needs.

Key Functions 9/10

You should understand that the software is focused on scheduling providing the well-arranged weekly calendar grid with various filters. The app is perfect both for team members and managers due to the diverse functionality where the interests of both sides are regarded. The users can arrange their duties and agree on the shits with one click only. There are automatic shift pick-ups allowing you to get more hours when you want it. You can synchronize the calendar and notifications. Be sure that all changes approved by the manager will be automatically updated to the phone of every connected employee.

This app allows saving 75% of managers’ time spent on building the schedules. Here it is enough to do a single click to approve the current changes. Also, the manager is able to monitor business performance. You can see the sales, for instance. The labor snapshots are also can be made and viewed by all participators of the project who may concern.

One of the most useful options here is the Reports which you will find across the bottom of the screen. You can choose the Labor budget, Schedule Summary, or Labor Volume. You can prefer one of the ways the Reports are displayed: the bar charts or spreadsheets.

Security 10/10

The app has strong technical, administrative, and physical safeguards that are able to prevent unauthorized access and any harmful activities causing the disclosure of confidential data.

Compatibility 10/10

The app offers IOS and Android compatibility being cloud-based.

Reliable and Useful

Download HotSchedules and stay connected with your team being able to send messages and enhance the productive team culture. If you run a business where it is important to get the performances and introduce alternations in the schedule in real-time, this app will become a vital tool for you.

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