Amazon Fire TV Review

Amazon Fire TV
OS:Entertainment Minimum Os Version 10.0.iPhone5-iPhone5
10000000+ downloads

Design and Usability 7

Key Functions 8

Security 8

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With the Amazon Fire TV Remote App, you can control your Smart TV using your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile from the comfort of your couch. The most recent update has extra support for Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. Download for free the APK from Google Play app for Android or the Apple Store. You can get this app for all Android devices of version 4.0+ or iOS 7.0+.


The interface of the Amazon Fire TV Remote app is easy to use and quite practical. However, it is not appealing to the eye. The commands on the homepage are Home, Back, Menu, Forward, Pause, Rewind and Play/Pause located at the bottom, device selection, Apps and Games, and the keyboard for typing. Use the blank middle section to scroll up, left, right or down and select.  The voice assistant button is between the App Settings and Apps and Games. 7/10.


Here are some of the leading features of the Amazon Fire TV Remote app for Google Android and iOS devices.

  • Keyboard

Gone are the days when we spent time trying to type using the Fire TV remote. The Keyboard option on the app saves a lot of time. Since we are familiar with the Smartphone keyboard, typing is easy as a pie.

  • Voice Assistant

Now, having contextual conversations has become the norm. The Voice Assistant is a fun addition to the app that can help you do simple stuff like opening sites, provide weather and traffic updates as well as notifications and reminders.

  • Games and Apps

Using the Apps and Games section, I can easily view and open all downloaded games or applications. Also, I can rearrange them to the folders I prefer. The above actions were not possible with standard Fire TV remote, making the app a bit more powerful tool. 8/10.


The iOS and Android app automatically searches for the devices on the same network and lists them. Once I selected the Fire TV Stick I wanted to pair, I entered the code sent to my Smart TV, and the connection was a breeze. A short tutorial on how to use the app popped up (you cannot skip this process). Afterwards, I began using the app. I think the keyboard and the voice assistant are necessary additions as my work became easy. The Voice Assistant can answer standardized questions like capitals of cities and weather forecasts. 8/10.


The Amazon Fire TV Remote app is free. However, to use the app, you need to have supported devices such as the Amazon Fire TV which retails at $ 54.99. Overall, the zero pricing of the app is acceptable.

The Verdict

Fire TV Remote does not have a built-in keyboard. As such, the keyboard that comes with the app is a relief for many. Plus, you can ask Alexa to do anything as you sit back and relax. The main advantages of the Amazon Fire TV Remote app are the straightforward navigation, voice search and fast access to all the apps and games. Nevertheless, gaming using the app can be frustrating, and you may need to use other game controllers. Overall, the app is affordable, easy and fun to use, and saves us all the trouble that comes with a regular remote.

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