The origins

What many people do not know is that this love story for tiles of this type began at the beginning of the 20th century: at the opening of the New York subway in 1904, those white diamond tiles were there on display on the walls of the stations. It was not long before fashion also spread to London and Paris.

Diamond and brick rectangular tiles for the bathroom are a great classic. With a renewed interest in vintage and industrial style, the trend has arrived on this day.

The versatility of the subway tiles

Brick tiles are not only beautiful but also functional and very versatile. They are suitable both for a bathroom or a vintage kitchen and for a more contemporary room.

In clean interior design, such as the Nordic-Scandinavian, you can focus on white with straight edges combined with grout lines. But in Nordic interiors it is common to see the use of simple opaque white square tiles, staggered cutlery to obtain the brick effect (see photo below).

If the goal is to bring some industrial style into your home, dare with black or gray contrasting joints and completely cover the entire wall.

Even in the country chic or shabby chic the diamond tile (the one with rounded edges) finds a place of honor, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

If you want to accentuate the 50s vintage look, you can combine white and diamond tiles with a black and white checkered or geometric patterned floor. Guaranteed effect!

The metro tile will also be perfect with the boho chic style: match it with a beautiful oriental rug, natural wood furniture, wicker baskets.

If you want a more contemporary decor, the tile with straight edges is easier to lay and is at the top of the decor choices of the moment. Its clean edges do not require extra work to solve the problems of thickness differences, which can be encountered with diamond tiles, especially in the corners. And now that total black kitchens are very fashionable, even the metro tile can dare absolute black.

If it’s a bit of romance you want to achieve, pastel colors are ideal. And if you prefer brass or gold, you should know that the white meter tile with diamond edges will be perfect to highlight your faucet.

If you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a fresh and natural style, paint the walls not covered with tiles with a beautiful painting in neutral tones or in the brightest shades of green.

It is not necessary to follow the horizontal installation, because the diagonal, vertical or mixed versions can bring a touch of originality that is always welcome. So let yourself be inspired by our gallery of ideas.

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