The mix of styles, warm colors, refined furniture and a generous diffusion of light make these city interiors perfect for relaxing with a cup of tea.

In this apartment we find a mix of styles that brings together architecture with classic elements (wood paneling, wall molding) with the sobriety of the more contemporary style (neutral colors, clean lines, play of textures) together with characteristics typical of the industrial style (windows with doors and windows in iron, iron kitchen doors).

To allow for an optimal distribution of the apartment, a global renovation was necessary, which of the original only retained the plaster moldings and ornaments on the ceilings of the area currently used for the dining room and the master bedroom.

In the living area, to obtain a welcoming and relaxing style, the choice fell on upholstered furniture with classic lines in relaxing tones and without patterns, varying only colors and textures. There are numerous mirrors that amplify the brightness with light effects.

Different elements recovered from old houses of the 1930s (doors used as doors, both in the kitchen and in the wardrobe), which combine with antique furniture.

In the kitchen the half glazed wall stands out, made to measure, using iron and glass. The iron in its natural color deliberately shows the welding points, to render the character of an ancient industrial loft.

Over the past ten years, the industrial style has dominated the interior design, increasingly abandoning the hi-tech aspect of the 80s and 90s and approaching, instead, more traditional or romantic styles, as in this case.

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