The renovation of a traditional house from the 1930s in France allows us to look with a different eye at the patina aged by time and the lived-in and romantic aspect, which generally characterize Shabby chic interiors. If the latter is a style of furniture much loved by women, often the male world looks at it with suspicion.

Always maintaining the predilection for “old-style” furniture, the “shabby” atmosphere here leaves aside the soft colors and the white, while remaining in the field of neutral tones. Darker colors, more uncluttered spaces, a more industrial touch, here is a soberer and less affected style, which will be able to please even men.

Although we are in Chantilly, a few kilometers from Paris, this residence has met the spirit of Flanders, after the complete renovation by Franck del Marcelle. The traditional house has been completely revolutionized in distribution and looks with a radical restructuring intervention.

The restored antique furniture and accessories and those of recovery, combined with the materials chosen for the new furnishings and for the covering of the floor and walls, characterize the whole. The result is very welcoming environments with evocative atmospheres, which allow for timeless.

Although there are some common traits with shabby chic, these Belgian-inspired interiors actually have a quality of cleanliness and sobriety, which totally distinguish them. A style made of a few pieces of good quality furniture and combined with taste.

Throughout the house, the neutral warm gray finishes have been privileged, enhancing the parquet and light wood tones of custom-made furniture, such as those in the kitchen. Thanks also to the choice of the color palette and to the few well-chosen furnishings, the essential simplicity of these spaces allows all the elements to harmonize beautifully together, without overloading the rooms.

If you want to understand how to transfer the spirit of this house into your apartment, consider the essential elements: neutral colors, délabré patinas, good lighting (natural and artificial), natural and mobile fabrics, old or new, which find their place in a world refined, but never oppressive.

Another example of the Belgian interior design country-chic you find at the site.

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