If you are looking for a decorative and original idea for your studio corner, what better way to add a do-it-yourself mood board?

Many creatives use mood boards to gather ideas, we do too, as interior design professionals. In fact, mood boards are a great tool to help the creative process.

A mood board is simply a bulletin board where pictures, drawings, fabrics, color palettes, but also postcards, poems, quotations and anything else allow you to define the project we need to achieve.

What appears more and more often on the pages of Pinterest, are mood boards for purely decorative purposes. Generally, they are metallic grids, where to hang illustrations, small objects or motivational phrases with simple clips.

The funny thing is that you can easily change the contents of the bulletin board, depending on the mood, the season, the style, the creative ideas you have in mind. A bulletin board of this type, in fact, is also very beautiful to look at, provided you don’t make it too messy.

Today we collect some DIY ideas for you, which you can create in less than half an hour, to have a mood board, which can collect suggestions, reminders and inspirational quotes for your next creative project, but which also makes it more original and welcoming your study corner.

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