Clean forms, neutral tones, and natural textures convey a refined and welcoming simplicity.

Today’s home tour country house takes all its charm from a decor where the romantic French-style shabby chic meets the sobriety of Northern Europe. This mix is ​​expressed in an interior decoration that looks clean and simple but also conveys class and casual elegance. The country-chic style of this house, in fact, incorporates in a more contemporary rustic style, tradition, and refinement.

Here are the main elements to copy the style:

  • The color palette changes to shades of taupe, creamy white and charcoal gray.
  • The furnishings have graceful and simple lines, designed with particular attention to durability and practicality. The pickled wood with its veining exposed becomes an important theme, but a special touch and character is made to be retrieved beliefs and repainted in dusty shades.
  • The wooden beams and ceilings are not left exposed, as in traditional country houses, but painted in white. Thus also the wall paneling is painted with matt varnish in a dove or dark shades, very refined.
  • The flooring is made of a modern gray pickled parquet throughout the house, except in the kitchen, where we see laid dark stoneware.
  • The accessories and decorative objects are very dosed, highlighting aspects and natural materials or country elements.
  • The windows are not loaded with heavy curtains and fabrics, as you would see in traditional classic style home. Roman blinds let in sunlight while guaranteeing privacy.

In short, throughout the house, we find a formal language that combines the traditional spirit of rustic shabby chic style with a more contemporary sign. The general effect creates a soft and sober atmosphere, warm and welcoming, unlike any other.

A Christmas tree cannot miss this time of year, but the traditional red could not enter here. Even the Christmas decorations are sober and elegant and respect the color palette and style: garlands and green branches, lights, candelabras, plaids, and blown glass balls.

This style of furniture has a sophisticated, contemporary and warm appearance that can be perfectly adapted to your home.

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