For 2019 they chose Living Coral, a lively shade of pink and orange. Today we tell you how you can use this beautiful color in your home.

Pantone conducts a lot of research to establish the color every year, in order to help companies, creatives, and professionals to exploit the power, psychology, and emotion of color in their design strategy. What Pantone’s experts value most is the global political and social climate, trends (in art, design, fashion, cinema …), color psychology and its own historical archive of colors.

Living Coral, which takes inspiration from coral reefs, is not exactly an orange, it is not a peach, but according to the famous Pantone Institute, the color is reminiscent of a vibrant sunset.

It perfectly matches the recent colors of the past years: Ultra Violet from 2018, Greenery from 2017 and Rose Quartz from 2016, all of which use nature as a starting point. “Because of everything that happens today, we have been looking for a color that communicates humanity in response to the dehumanization of the digital age. This color brings comfort and makes us feel good,” the experts at the Pantone Color Institute say.

The Living Coral is a bright, very pleasant color that radiates positivity invites socialization and a certain optimism for 2019. Furthermore, this coral color goes well with both warm and cold tones, which means that it should be easy to insert in your current decor, without having to do a complete makeover. Surely all good reasons to bring this shade into your home.

Remember that trends are never slavishly to follow, but simply give us new stimuli and tools to play within our homes. Use this new shade as inspiration to try something new or to renew the style you already have.

Three tips on how to use the Living Coral color in your home

Choose a focal point

A good way to create a renewal with color is to buy a single piece of furniture to make it stand out in a neutral environment, such as an armchair, a large painting or a rug. Even old furniture (a sideboard, an armchair or a desk …), if repainted in this shade, can be placed at the center of attention.

Colored accessories and textiles

Here is a cheap way to introduce color. So consider buying a tablecloth or even just a few cups for breakfast, which helps you add a splash of color. For the living room, you can bet on some pillows or a plaid, while in the bedroom a new set of sheets (even fancy) can make the room more welcoming.

Paint a single wall

Experiment with a colored wall. Imagine your room in a palette of neutral colors combined with a vibrant Living Coral wall. You can do it simply by using a varnish, to give a full and intense solid color or, for a more delicate aspect, choose a wallpaper that uses Living Coral inside.

Combinations with the Living Coral color

A tone-on-tone color combination is one of the simplest to work with, so it mixes Living Coral with terracotta and powder pink, for example. In a predominantly white environment with light wood furniture, you can’t go wrong.

The neutral tones of wood and white can certainly be the main background colors for tempering the Living Coral, however, pay attention to the essence of wood: to balance, it would be better to avoid all the essences with orange or red notes.

You can combine Living Coral with neutral colors like white, anthracite gray, dove gray and even brown. However, for more obvious contrasts, you can cool the coral considerably with the greens, blues, and purples that are the opposite colors in the spectrum.

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