Photo Roulette Review

Photo Roulette AS
Photo Roulette
OS:Casual Minimum Os Version 11.0.iPhone5s-iPhone5s


  • the best title for parties
  • up to 50 players can take part in one game
  • you assign the album for the game yourself.


  • users are unable to filter photos for the game
  • terrible “could get join game” bug.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

Compatibility 10

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Photo Roulette is a social competition game which will bring you a lot of fun. You can play with your friends guessing whose photo is shown. The pictures are chosen in a random way. Feel this thrilling moment to be the first to respond! The application is free, but there are in-app purchases adding some options like Video Roulette. And you will not be interrupted by the advertisement here.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The graphics are simple. The picture is shown on the screen with the names of the participants displayed at the bottom. Just tap on the owner’s name whose photo is discussed as fast as you can. At the end of the round you will be shown the results and the “Play Again” button, pressing which you can continue.

Controls 10/10

There are no rules to learn because the title is very clear. The controls are simple and highly responsive and that is a vital virtue as far as the photos are displayed for 5 seconds and you are expected to give the right answer until the other player does. This moment gives you a lot of thrills. You will definitely love this idea!

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is rather simple and comprehensive. You can invite from 3 to 50 players to participate in this competition. This is the only restriction. Players of any gender and age can take part in it. Moreover, you are suggested to select the photo album which you are ready to pull from. So, you can keep the process under control in some way preventing awkward situations with very private pictures.

You can test a round and understand the way it is played. It is so fun to get to know people through their photos and remember the sweet moments captured on the pictures. In case of successful attempts, you will receive a score. Here the accuracy of your answers and the time needed to respond are considered. The winner is determined when 15 pictures are regarded. The title provides the high score list when every round is finished and once again when the game is over.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

You can be involved in this game endlessly as far as its gameplay is based on your photo libraries. This is a perfect social activity bringing people together. This title sounds really fun, and you can be sure that it will find the cutest pictures in your library. You will have to cope with a great deal of embarrassment, perhaps, which will make all of you laugh.

Give your friends a thrill!

Download Photo Roulette and team up with your friends spending the splendid time together using your mobile devices. There are rounds where a photo is chosen randomly from one player’s photo catalogue. The other members of the team will see it during a second almost. Guess quickly, whose photo is shown and win. This is a stunning idea to have some fun! Mind that the game is available in English only.

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