Dine out or simply have an outdoor corner were getting together with friends is unmatched. The lighting of these spaces is very important and can have a great impact on the furniture.

LED has become the main light source due to its remarkable luminous efficiency and long life. With LED technology you can also say goodbye to high bills. And if the LED lamp is also a rechargeable type, you can get rid of wires and electrical sockets, which is very useful when it comes to lighting a table or an outdoor relaxation area.

Like a modern and refined lantern, a cordless rechargeable battery does not depend on the mains supply. It is, therefore, possible to illuminate the dark corners of the house, the balcony, the terrace or the garden in an instant.

The Linea Zero Queen lamp is light and simple to carry from one room to another in the home and especially from the inside to the outside. The lamp as well as functional has an elegant design and is easy to fit into any living environment. Here it is, positioned in our balcony!

It is composed of 24 strips of Pollux, an exclusive material designed by Linea Zero, which makes it suitable also for outdoor use.

The outdoor LED module is dimmable, with a duration of almost 7 hours of maximum power operation. The latter can be adjusted using a convenient remote control. The battery is easily rechargeable with the supplied base (with a mini USB socket).

Warm light creates a welcoming and sociable atmosphere, for example during an outdoor party or a dinner with family and friends. You can place it on the table or on the ground, even on a tree!

Also useful in case of power failure, as happened to us after one of the last storms!

Ideal to give an excellent to include in the furnishing of your home.

Discount code for Case and Interiors readers

For the readers of our blog, the discount code CASEINTERNI2019 is available for the purchase of the Queen lamp with a discount of 25%. Just go to the Linea Zero site and enter the code in the cart.

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