There is no doubt that, in some way, the Nordic design has entered homes around the world in recent decades. Scandinavian in interior design is a style that involves the use of light colors and is characterized by four main components: simplicity, practicality, clean lines and sober elegance. The mix of styles from different Scandinavian countries has given rise over the years to welcoming and familiar spaces, full of brightness, furniture, and decorations made with natural materials. And as a result, there is a feeling of absolute unity as a whole.

In this Swedish apartment, the pearl gray of the walls is a background on which it is possible to play safely with chromatic accents with delicate pastel tones or those in deep black.

Do you think gray is boring? The use of neutral and soft tones does not mean depriving the interior of energy and character. On the contrary, the “warm” accents correctly positioned and the variegated textures give this space personality, despite its simplicity. For the combination with gray here colors like white, black and objects with coppery reflections have been chosen.

And speaking of black, an industrial- type glass wall separates the living area from the kitchen. This allows light to penetrate the two environments, while at the same time creating separate living areas. Keep in mind if you are studying a new look for a small apartment: the small spaces always seem brighter and wider with a glass wall that separates the rooms.

The decorating ideas and the simple functional design of the interior make this home comfortable, bright and pleasant.

Scandinavian style: the distinctive features of the aesthetics of the North

Do you want to transform the interior of your apartment into an elegant, functional, timeless and at the same time welcoming space? The Scandinavian style is the right choice. Here are some basic rules to follow when choosing this design approach:

  • Start from a palette of neutral and light colors (white, gray, beige) and if you want you can add accents of pastel and / or black colors.
  • Let in daylight: use glass walls to separate two rooms or add mirrors and reflective surfaces.
  • Study proper artificial lighting for the evening: more light points, which can create an atmosphere.
  • Prefer a parquet floor and some natural wood furniture in very light shades.
  • Create intimacy with the help of comfortable objects, such as soft pillows, throws, and rugs.
  • Invest in timeless furniture. The furniture should be simple, have clean lines and not necessarily contemporary.
  • Pay attention to details: from pillows to candles, from plants to paintings hanging on the walls, from lamps to vases.

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