A small apartment furnished to the smallest detail with many easy-to-copy ideas to personalize your home.

The 50 square meter apartment is located in the historic center of Madrid, in a very trendy neighborhood, which has certainly influenced interior decoration. The house is cozy, bright, eclectic and characterized by a lot of colors.

The plant, long and narrow, resembles that of many two-room apartments of the “homegrown” railing houses, which almost always include two large rooms, one after the other, with a single exposure on one side. Here there are three rooms, but they are not divided by doors (due to the lack of windows on the long side), so a single room with high ceilings presents the kitchen with bathroom, followed by the sleeping area and finally the living area illuminated by two French windows.

The design of the spaces has succeeded in taking full advantage of the square footage, such as, for example, the kitchen opening onto the entrance, with a strategic pantry built into the columns, in the corner that would otherwise remain unused. The walls of the kitchen are bright turquoise in contrast with the total white of the furniture, a cheerful note in the part of the house that is certainly darker.

In the bedroom, we find a wall with wallpaper with yellow geometric designs, of vintage inspiration, which is the background to the white canopy bed. For the furnishings and accessories, the color range here has focused on three colors: gold, which brings a touch of glamor to the environment; black, a touch of sophisticated elegance; and white, which offers serenity to space.

The light backgrounds of the living area, instead, contribute to highlight the lively color palette chosen for the furnishing elements, was turquoise and yellow predominate. A contemporary sofa invites you to relax, accompanied by two armchairs now icons of design, in vintage style.

For the winter season the tartan patterns, both for the cushions and for the tablecloths arranged in layers on the round table, are a perfect choice with character.

The yellow design armchair of the 50s, the ethnic stool-table, the two overlapping rugs, the metal tables, the turquoise curtains, the vintage chairs and lamps and details like the wooden cushions or chandeliers, create a lively atmosphere, but balanced. All these elements characterize the small apartment with a lot of personalities.

From this studio we can draw some tips :

  • You can combine all the styles you want (vintage, industrial, contemporary, etc.) the important thing is to have in mind a consistent color palette, evenly distributed throughout the space, with a good dose of neutral backgrounds around.
  • Mixing old and new is always a good idea to add personality. If a room is full of just contemporary design furnishings, it may seem trivial and lose character. Make a mix of old and new to get an environment with more soul.

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