The small apartments have their positive sides: they cost less, they are often easier to find in the city center and with the right interior design, they are almost always “welcoming” nests. The downside is, of course, the limited space available and the difficulty in choosing furniture.

Today’s apartment, of just 55 square meters, has all the advantages of a small apartment: it is located in one of the trendy districts of Barcelona and has been renovated and furnished, in order to make the most of the few square meters available.

The design of the spaces had to overcome the difficulties posed by the difficult original distribution of the apartment. It was therefore decided to start from scratch and divide the house into two living areas that can be easily connected to each other, thanks to a full-height sliding door.

In the first area, the kitchen-dining and living room area was joined together, respecting everyone’s limits. The coatings have played a key role here: the different materials in the ceilings and floors help to separate the rooms. Thus, the kitchen has a wooden ceiling (which also covers the technical installations) and a floor with geometric designs, while in the living room cement ceilings have been made of oak and oak flooring.

Excellent choice of geometric design in white, black and gray chosen for the tiles which, like a carpet, covers the kitchen and the dining area. The same tiles were chosen for the bathroom floor.

The only bedroom and bathroom are in the second area, the private one. The bathroom itself helps to separate the sleeping area from that day, even when the large sliding door will remain open, to enjoy the light of all the windows.

In such a small apartment, the furniture must be simple and functional. The style here is a very sober mix of various trends of the moment: the round table and Eames chairs give a Nordic-Scandinavian touch, the sofa with romantic cushions and the mirror wink at the Provencal style, the shelves, and the lamps veer towards the industrial style. There is no need to spend much to have a harmonious whole: many of the furnishings are by Maisons du Monde and Ikea.

And speaking of a mirror, this, which resembles a window, visually enlarges the space and reflects the light that enters through the French windows.

Colors have also played a big role. Using white and beige tones as the basis for interior decoration is fine if you want to create relaxing atmospheres, but you can fall into chromatic monotony. This is why it is important to add a touch of color to a small apartment. Here fabrics and accessories add a touch of essential color, in a delicate aqua green, which transmits freshness.

Whether you’re moving to a new apartment or you just want to rearrange yours, follow a few interior design tips for a small apartment.

From this small apartment we can draw some tips :

  • Choose your color scheme – To decorate a small apartment, especially one with an open-plan living room that has to accommodate a small dining room, it is prudent to stick to a maximum of two / three main colors. This, however, does not mean that your furniture should be boring! Play with tone on tone tones and different textures.
  • It is time to “reflect” – It is worth investing in a large mirror or in glass partitions. This is an old trick but always useful. In addition to creating the illusion of a more dilated space, mirrors also reflect natural and artificial light, making the room brighter. Mirrors are also decorative in themselves, if you play with the finish of the frame, for example. The glass walls, as we have seen several times, help to separate without visually dividing, dilating the spaces and increasing the brightness. So, if you have a house that is divided into many small rooms, the replacement of doors and portions of walls with transparent alternatives can immediately open up space.
  • Large sliding doors – Sliding partitions are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. Depending on where and how they are used, they can shield or merge environments. Whatever the style, a wide sliding door sends a clear message: that the area behind is private. It is an ideal piece of furniture for small apartments and open space areas, as they are easy to open/close according to your needs. A lack of definition of space, even in a small apartment, can lead to disorder. Do your best to define separate areas and give each area a specific purpose.
  • Decorate without overloading – Put the “less is more” practice into practice if your home is small. Dress the walls and shelves with care, with well-chosen elements and paintings, without exceeding. Not too monotonous, not too cluttered. There is nothing more oppressive and unwelcoming than a small space crammed with furniture and accessories. Getting rid of objects that are no longer needed is one of the most difficult parts, but more important, in the process of optimizing life in small spaces. People tend to conserve things for irrational reasons, based on emotions, which are the basis of most domestic disorder, especially in a small space. If you don’t need it, get rid of it!
  • Find the right balance – If we’re talking about a studio apartment or a small one-bedroom apartment, use the same colors, textures, and motifs on all the rooms, in order to create a sense of harmony.

Take a look at all the environments!

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