It is increasingly common to see Scandinavian interiors where an industrial touch has been added.

The Nordic style is quite versatile and is also one of the most suitable to combine with the loft-industrial style. In this case, the result is perfectly balanced thanks to the right amount of industrial style elements that give an eclectic tone while highlighting the simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian style.

We of Houses and Interiors try, when possible, to add the floor plan of the houses that we present here on the blog so that we can better understand the distribution of the premises, to take inspiration from them. This is made easier if the photos of the apartment come from a real estate agency, like in today’s post.

In reality, it is a professional deformation, because as architects and interior designers we are very interested in how the apartments were designed and indeed we often look at the images of the plant before the photos of the interiors.

In this case, the apartment of only 60 m², is located in a historic building in a large Swedish city and unfortunately has not undergone major changes, so the distribution is not “perfect” (indeed) and would not even comply with the regulations Italian. However, it is interesting to see, as with a reduced budget and without making changes to the walls, it has been possible to create environments rich in character.

Starting from the typical basics of the Nordic style, with predominantly white and gray tones, in this normal Swedish apartment, which is not a loft as you can see, furnishing elements inspired by old factories were gradually added and everything works perfectly.

The kitchen is one of the spaces that impressed us the most. It was enough to dare a palette in black and white, to leave only visible shelves, wall lamps and bars to hang pans and utensils, to offer a perfect fusion between industrial and Nordic style. The square white tiles laid in staggered (brick) with a dark void immediately recall the subway tiles, so loved in the industrial style. Even the exposed brick, recovered from one of the load-bearing masonry walls, reinforces the style. As well as the wooden frame of a historic building, which painted black acquires a completely different flavor.

In the living room the luminous industrial-style sign hanging on the wall, the collection of prints and posters, the mismatched chairs including some for the office, help to move the Scandinavian mood towards that of lofts. Even the typically Nordic wooden floor was darkened to give more heat. In this regard, we note that, in small apartments like this, the uniformity of flooring is very important, because it helps to expand spaces and give continuity.

The bedroom apartment offers the perfect calm for rest, typical of the northern interior. The gray-green walls are combined with the white of the window and ceiling, with the black of some accessories and the warmth of the wood of the floor.

Look at all the photos and discover how the combination of both Scandinavian and industrial styles is very simple to implement!

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